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June 29 2015

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“Fairy tales do not tell children dragons exist. Children already know the dragons exist. Fairy tales tell children the dragons can be killed.” ~ G.K. Chesterton

When I try to sum up what I love about Fury Road, this quote comes to mind. Because there are so many horror movies telling girls, “The monster cannot be beaten. The best you can hope for is escape.” Because there are so many rape-revenge movies telling girls, “You won’t live to see your abuser’s comeuppance, and there’s a million more like him who won’t ever get theirs.”

A rapist is just a human being. But the culture that creates rapists? That is a dragon. Patriarchy is a dragon.

And out of all the stories I have seen and read and heard throughout my three decades of life, Fury Road is the only one I can recall that has ever told me this particular dragon can be killed.


Mad Max: Fury Road is a) a really solid, well-made action film with comprehensive world-building and 2) like being able to suddenly *breathe* when before, you'd barely even noticed there wasn't any air in the room.
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Things that the film handled with restraint:

Rape: As countless people have said – Half of the movie’s main cast consists of sex slaves. And there’s not a single rape scene. 

Gore: The film looks exactly the type to be ultra-violent a la Quentin Tarantino. But it’s not. The one gory moment is one that you can see coming from miles away and lasts only for a second. And even then, it’s not terrible. Considering this, the movie probably could have had a PG-13 rating with minor alteration.

Sexualization: Five women wearing nothing but gauze sounds like a recipe for anything but what we got; no lingering, awkward, bodily shots. There was even a scene with a completely naked young woman with the camera focused directly on her. Guess what. The camera treated her exactly as if she were wearing flannel pajamas.

Degradation of women: Bad people get upset. We get that. Sometimes they like to swear at our heroines. And yet no one felt the need to say “bitch,” “cunt,” or “whore.” How a film managed to present about the least female-friendly society you can imagine but treated its female characters with more respect than 99% of action movies is beyond me.

Things that the film did not handle with restraint:


Gender equality: No one once says “Women are ___,” or “Men are ___.” It almost seems like outside of Immortan Joe’s freakishly utilitarian society, men and women get along just fine. Huh. Weird.

Death: Good and bad people die alike on the Fury Road; very quickly. It’s your typical action movie body count. But in a move that’s both odd and brilliant, the film spends a good amount of it’s scarce dialogue detailing what death means to the characters. For some, it’s a suicidal call to honor. For others, it’s a necessary risk to bring about more life. People die in droves. And it’s sad. Death matters.

Criticism: This is about the most critical movie of gender inequality, capitalism, and fascism I’ve ever seen without anyone ever mentioning gender inequality, capitalism or fascism.

COMPASSION: I can’t state this enough. This is a post-apocalyptic genre movie where people kill each other over sex slaves, border disputes, and cars and its message is hope and compassion. The biggest, most heroic moment of the movie is an act of healing, not an act of violence. WHOA.

Untitled | Why MM:FR Was the Most Tasteful Action Movie I’ve Seen
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Fadwa Baalbaki spring 2015 couture

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An Australian game reviewer got sick and tired of young boys trolling her and threatening to rape her, so she did what any self-respecting adult would do — she told their parents. [via]

This is awesome!

yes more of this pls

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June 19 2015

Coldplay’s Game of Thrones: The Musical (x)
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June 18 2015

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The Souls of Acheron (detail) Adolf Hirémy-Hirschl, 1898

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June 09 2015

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Like… the intention is good, but I don’t know how I feel about the angle of “you shouldn’t bully someone because you may not know the whole story”. You shouldn’t bully because it’s fucked up.

That girl you called fat, maybe she’s NOT starving herself. Maybe she just likes to eat. You want to call her names because of that? Fuck you.

That girl you called a slut, maybe she’s not a virgin, maybe she’s had a lot of sex with different people, sex is fucking AWESOME! Your hang ups with women and sexuality is not her problem. You’re an asshole.

That boy you pushed down in the hall… maybe everything’s great at home for him, so the fuck what? Don’t put your hands on people you piece of shit.

That black girl you teased for her skin color… just, fuck you, period. Doesn’t matter what the fuck is going on in her life, you’re fucking garbage. Get the fuck out of here.

The old man with the scars… seriously? Like… if you’re making fun of an old man’s scars you’re too far gone, you’re some kind of amoral sociopath or something cause that’s just some fucked up shit.

That “gay boy” you made fun of? Go fuck yourself.

The man you made fun of for crying? He just watched the episode of the Office where Jim and Pam get married, so what? Who cares why he’s crying? People have emotions dipshit.

That poor boy? Oh you’re one of those assholes who makes fun of poor people? Go die in a fire.

How about just don’t bully people at all for any reason cause it’s a fucked up thing to do regardless of what you do or don’t know about them? Treat people the way you want to be treated, it’s that simple. We’re all human beings just trying to be happy, you make the world a worse place when you try to stand in the way of that.

Reblogging for the comment

You shouldn’t need a sob story to treat other people like fucking human beings

Loads of my friend have shared this photo set on Facebook recently and these were my thoughts exactly. Why do people need a tragic back story in order to be treated decently by others?!


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Adventures in me cutting my birthday cake ! It was almost too pretty to eat 💖🌙🎂

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June 04 2015

Not everyone will understand your journey. That’s okay. You’re here to live your life, not to make everyone understand.
— Banksy (via banksyarts)
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